Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis - McConkie

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Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis - McConkie

Post by mom3 » 28 Feb 2016, 23:16

I finished Thomas Wirthlin McConkie's Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis -

I have a list of quotes but my favorite comes in the end.
Development shows us that establishing Zion isn't simply a matter of converting others to our way of seeing so much as more deeply converting ourselves to seeing the Whole. All of us are engaged in the pursuit of a meaningful life. Is our own meaning making flexible enough to include the meanings of others. Zion needs all of our perspectives in order to flourish. We can become the sons and daughters of God yet - not through a narrowing of orthodoxy, but through a multiplying of human and Divine perspectives, always more numerous than the grains of sand along the beach.
I also liked this -
We must learn to become the sons and daughters of God. It's all a process. A developmental process. That said I am advocating for a more explicit approach to development within our congregations. I wonder if we could make our developmentally informed values in Mormon culture more transparent, an din turn, honor and support a broader range of experience in our communities.

As I read I found myself drawn to his footnotes. He has been a member, a disenchanted and abandoning member, he has studied other religions, practiced Buddhism, returned to the LDS faith. Very intriguing.
"I stayed because it was God and Jesus Christ that I wanted to follow and be like, not individual human beings." Chieko Okazaki Dialogue interview

"I am coming to envision a new persona for the Church as humble followers of Jesus Christ....Joseph and his early followers came forth with lots of triumphalist rhetoric, but I think we need a new voice, one of humility, friendship and service. We should teach people to believe in God because it will soften their hearts and make them more willing to serve." - Richard Bushman

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