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Book - Mormon Women Have Their Say

Post by mom3 » 26 May 2015, 20:06

Edited by Claudia Bushman and Caroline Kline. It is a book of Mormon Women Essays based on the the Mormon Women's Oral History Collection at Claremont.

Divided into 3 sections with 5 essays each. Part One, Life Cycle: Part Two, Life as a Latter Day Saint: Part Three, Relationships with the Institutional Church

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's review reads,
Mormon women have always had a lot to say, but generation after generation, their voices fade away. The problem is not just that archives and manuals favor the writings of male leaders. The real problem is that few of us know how to listen to seemingly common stories. We revere our sisters but don't understand them. The essays in this volume go beyond collecting and preserving to the hard work of interpretation. Using a variety of analytical techniques and their own savvy, the authors connect ordinary lives with enduring themes in Latter-day Saint faith and history
"I stayed because it was God and Jesus Christ that I wanted to follow and be like, not individual human beings." Chieko Okazaki Dialogue interview

"I am coming to envision a new persona for the Church as humble followers of Jesus Christ....Joseph and his early followers came forth with lots of triumphalist rhetoric, but I think we need a new voice, one of humility, friendship and service. We should teach people to believe in God because it will soften their hearts and make them more willing to serve." - Richard Bushman

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