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by PazamaManX
07 Dec 2018, 01:36
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Topic: Ward treating us like we're inactive?
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Ward treating us like we're inactive?

So I can't really tell, but I get the impression that our ward thinks we're inactive. Let me give a little bit of background on me and my wife so this makes sense. My wife and I are both introverts and so we aren't very social. We don't go to any ward activities and we don't really talk to anyone at...
by PazamaManX
04 Dec 2018, 16:08
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: He totally changed sacrament meeting
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Re: He totally changed sacrament meeting

I would love this change in our sacrament meetings! Our ward does exactly what the writer described, giving talks on general conference talks. It's rare to hear a talk that quotes from the scriptures (unless the scripture was mentioned in the assigned conference talk) and the majority make no mentio...
by PazamaManX
30 Nov 2018, 03:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Announcements - Less of?
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Re: Announcements - Less of?

We had a less active sister pop up and ask when Christmas Craft day was on Facebook. With all our millions of dollars, why not invest in nice local print material that can be distributed to members and the community alike. We had a music event and it was not a problem to print out glossy cards, fly...
by PazamaManX
30 Nov 2018, 03:32
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: Why Do You Stay?
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Re: Why Do You Stay?

On my best days, I stay because I have hope. Even though there are many flaws (often created by people) I still believe that this church is the best organization for following Christ.

On my worst days, it's harder to stay but I have yet to find a better alternative.
by PazamaManX
29 Nov 2018, 02:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Service vs. free labor
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Re: Service vs. free labor

I've struggled with this since I was in young mens. Our entire stake's youth had a service project with laying down sod for a new city park. We wore the yellow helping hands vests and everything. After it was all over, I couldn't help but wonder if we just took jobs away from some people. Had we not...
by PazamaManX
29 Nov 2018, 01:33
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Topic: Unlearning What I Have Learned
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Unlearning What I Have Learned

Hello, I've been lurking around this site for a few weeks and I thought I'd finally stop lurking and introduce myself. A little bit about me: I was born in and grew up in the church and have been "active" my entire life. I served a mission and have been happily married in the temple. No kids yet tho...