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by Rumin8
27 Mar 2019, 13:39
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Topic: How Happy Are You?
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Re: How Happy Are You?

I marked "somewhat happy" based on the past six months or so. I could even have gone all the way down to the least happy choice. That has been because I have had extreme bouts of fear and anxiety as I actively began to deconstruct my belief structure. However, if you go back two weeks only, I would ...
by Rumin8
27 Mar 2019, 13:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Praise to the Man...
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Re: Praise to the Man...

We did!

But I didn't hear a word about it, and I am in a position that I would hear about it. Then again, I did miss a bishopric meeting a week ago Sunday, and it could have been discussed then.

That all said, I think this is rumor and coincidence.
by Rumin8
05 Mar 2019, 15:42
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Topic: Name of The Church - Version 152
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Re: Name of The Church - Version 152

This still feels like a made up crisis to me. Even to my most orthodox friends and family this feels like farce. Even they make jokes constantly about “another victory for satan” when someone says “Mormon.” Can’t wait to have everything change back in a few years. Hope the PR department keeps paying...
by Rumin8
04 Mar 2019, 17:10
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Topic: My New Calling: Sunday School Lesson Recaps
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Re: My New Calling: Sunday School Lesson Recaps

The church needs more instructors like Curt.

That sounds like a phenomenal class. I particularly like your take on perfection. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
by Rumin8
04 Mar 2019, 17:08
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Topic: Church today -- mixed bag, some good stuff
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Re: Church today -- mixed bag, some good stuff

Testimony meeting was interesting. As usual we had the usual half dozen "testimony bingo" people. I pay particular attention now when people say "I Know..." as they elaborate their testimonies. I find this fascinating now, as I attempt to dissect how they can "know" particular things. No children te...
by Rumin8
04 Mar 2019, 16:53
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Topic: Family Values Proposition
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Family Values Proposition

Hey all, as I'm trying to navigate this new (and scary) path of remaining in the church but with my own twist of a meaning-based approach, I suggested to my family last night that we create a list of core family values. [As an aside, my wife is well aware of my current position, but my children are ...
by Rumin8
22 Feb 2019, 18:07
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Topic: Is it possible to pay tithing without the bishopric/clerks seeing the amount?
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Re: Is it possible to pay tithing without the bishopric/clerks seeing the amount?

In my current church role I can see all donations that the ward knows about. When we went through tithing settlement about 25% of our ward ledgers had any amounts on them. The rest were blank. There are two conclusions for this: 1) 75% of the ward doesn’t pay tithing. 2) some lesser number doesn’t p...
by Rumin8
20 Feb 2019, 14:08
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: After temple I done?
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Re: After temple I done?

I love this question and I have taken a few days to think about it. Even though I have not articulated this to myself until relatively recently, I feel like I am done (ordinance-wise). This is one reason I found the temple (for me) to be reasonably worthless as a repeat experience. As for the ordina...
by Rumin8
18 Feb 2019, 20:25
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Topic: Missionaries can call home weekly
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Re: Missionaries can call home weekly

Hard to believe, but I find this change a mixed bad. As a parent, I’m thrilled with this change. I honestly believe my son would still be serving in the mission field if his (temporary) MP had allowed our son more contact with us instead of cracking down as he did. So this is 6 months too late. On m...
by Rumin8
18 Feb 2019, 20:09
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Topic: The Indifference Cycle
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Re: The Indifference Cycle

Its fascinating to me the range of experiences we each have in this church. On one hand, it’s what makes it special. On the other, it’s maddening. Recently I have had some in-depth conversations with my DW about my lack of TR. she is very much of Hebers view. She believes, even with knowledge of cer...