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by LDS_Scoutmaster
08 Oct 2015, 17:09
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: How to read the BoM after knowing its history?
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Re: How to read the BoM after knowing its history?

That is a great question, and I've had my share of questions over the years as I've read too. A few thoughts have come to mind, one, I heard a quote from a non-lds researcher ; "Sacred or spiritual texts do not necessarily have to be historically accurate" I'm paraphrasing. Two, for me, I have gone ...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
08 Oct 2015, 15:31
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Clear cut introduction
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Re: Clear cut introduction

Thank you for joining us and sharing your story. I've had a lot of the same concerns that you had and for me this is been a great place to ponder about things, read other people's solutions, and mostly think things through for myself. Something that occurred to me today which is kind of fitting with...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
14 Apr 2015, 16:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Saved, after all we can do
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Re: Saved, after all we can do

Coming from a Catholic background into Mormonism, I missed the born again movement and had a hard time relating to those who talked about being saved. I understood saved as a last step after either a lifelong struggle or after doing a bunch of ordinances. My understanding now goes along with a more ...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
14 Apr 2015, 16:33
Forum: Support
Topic: Losing the ground I once had
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Re: Losing the ground I once had

I wholeheartedly agree with you on Disneyland. :) You are definitely in a rough patch, I can give you the standard answer that it will get better, and even though I believe it will, that doesn't help you much. Others have been where you're at and yes its a dark place. My first though was mid life cr...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
13 Apr 2015, 13:39
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Thinking differently
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Re: Thinking differently

LH, that's a tough one. It must be hard to have these changes happening all around and the old guard feeling like theyre losing 'their church', or the way they think things ought to be. You didn't attack him personally or his standing or lifestyle though, only his thinking. The proposition of a diff...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
12 Apr 2015, 07:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: GA's favorite movies
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Re: GA's favorite movies

Was the rated R thing ever really a rule? Or was it a suggestion from a GA, that was taken as gospel? :)

The Fugitive
True Lies
The 5th Element
A Clockwork Orange
Anything Monty Python
Raising Arizona
by LDS_Scoutmaster
12 Apr 2015, 07:19
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Topic: Does it get easier to walk the NOM path?
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Re: Does it get easier to walk the NOM path?

Sorry to hear about your father. It makes everything more poinient when looking into eternity. On the orthodox/unorthodox dualism, I expect found that once I redefined things for myself, especially what a prophet is, my orthodoxy/unorthodoxy struggle wasn't over but it was easier. I define prophet a...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
06 Apr 2015, 17:13
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Topic: Friends of Scouting Phone Call
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Re: Friends of Scouting Phone Call

LH, I enjoyed your 1,2,3 post and wholeheartedly concur. We have camped on sundays, having traveled on Saturday and had our own sac meeting in the forest. That way we're in camp sun afternoon and we were ready to go. I liked this approach, it took us out of the normal church has to be indoors, etc. ...
by LDS_Scoutmaster
06 Apr 2015, 16:54
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Topic: The role of apologizing
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Re: The role of apologizing

I learned a lot about empathy from my mother-in-law, when she heard someone complain of troubles she would say 'I'm sorry that happened to you'. She wasn't apologizing for anyone else but the depth that it brought to the hearer.
by LDS_Scoutmaster
01 Apr 2015, 17:12
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Topic: The Eiffel Tower Effect
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Re: The Eiffel Tower Effect

Nice analogy mom, now there's a few leaning tower of pisas that could be toppled... :)