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by Oneofmany
06 Apr 2014, 13:08
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: General Conference April 2014
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Re: General Conference April 2014

Has anyone else noticed that it seems all the sessions are letting out about 5 minutes short of the 2 hour mark, and all the prayers are relatively short and not miniature talks by themselves?
by Oneofmany
06 Apr 2014, 12:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Just a little vent
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Re: Just a little vent

Having been a fan of your posts in the time I have spent on here, I appreciate you posting this. I have noticed a recent trend where you have stated you would like more contact. From your initial post, it sounds like the gentleman came (drove 15 minutes) and was a little hesitant, and if he wasn't b...
by Oneofmany
25 Mar 2014, 18:25
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: Unconditional Love of God in a performance-based religion
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Re: Unconditional Love of God in a performance-based religio

I don't ever remember discussing it in a church setting. I do remember discussing it in a family setting. My parents said this, "know this, we will always love you, that doesn't mean we will support a drug habit." That pretty much ended the discussion. Of course, my parents were also the type that s...
by Oneofmany
15 Mar 2014, 08:53
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Topic: Grateful to Have Been a Missionary
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Re: Grateful to Have Been a Missionary

The "work" on the mission was definitely more than I expected. I also am an introvert so contacting people was challenging to put it mildly. That said, I also look back and see it in many ways as easiest two years of my life. (When else are you going to know that your paycheck will always be in the ...
by Oneofmany
13 Mar 2014, 17:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Tax trouble for church in the Netherlands
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Re: Tax trouble for church in the Netherlands

This topic has peaked my interest. I am now curious if anyone knows the rationale behind this? The more I think about it the more I think, "why give to a charity?" if the state counts accepting help from a charity as a means of deducting their own support, I think I will adjust my thinking to the id...
by Oneofmany
21 Feb 2014, 14:27
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: "This Ts Water": A Really Profound Video
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Re: "This Ts Water": A Really Profound Video

I remember hearing this commencement a while back. I hope I can remember it better in going forward as I think it has a very really and profound thought. Remember "This is water"
by Oneofmany
05 Feb 2014, 18:17
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Topic: 2014 Financial Support Campaign
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Re: 2014 Financial Support Campaign

I just tried to donate on line and the "make my donation automatically repeat every" button can't be changed... right now it is set at "month". I would like to make a one time donation without the hassle of figuring out how to turn it off... is there a way to do a one time donation?
by Oneofmany
03 Feb 2014, 21:15
Forum: Support
Topic: Useful quote of the day...
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Re: Useful quote of the day...

I heard this one today. I think this one fits well. "Perhaps the greatest charity comes when we are kind to each other, when we don't judge or categorize someone else, when we simply give each other the benefit of the doubt or remain quiet. Charity is accepting someone's differences, weaknesses, and...
by Oneofmany
28 Jan 2014, 18:51
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Topic: New Adult Sunday School being piloted
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Re: New Adult Sunday School being piloted

Any way to stop the same people answering the same questions every month? Back when I was more TBM, I used to throw out what I thought were crazy answers or questions just to see if I could get others to comment. Unfortunately, I failed 95% of the time. I even tried answering all the question and r...
by Oneofmany
26 Jan 2014, 21:07
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Don't Take the Blue Pill
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Re: Don't Take the Blue Pill

Not having dealt with Bi-polar or had family with it, I can offer no real words of wisdom on that subject other than welcome and I hope we can help in some manner. On the subject of idolized leaders, I agree with Curtis. I had a youth leader that I idolized, then, on one scout camp he picked on one ...