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by Sheldon
15 Aug 2013, 13:39
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Topic: My Favorite Quote from Relief Society Today
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Re: My Favorite Quote from Relief Society Today

I grew up in a place and time as a youth where many of our church lessons encouraged us to find the mission our Heavenly Father had for us. Those ideals struck my deeply. I've never let go of them. I've internalized them so much, that one time I came to see the church's calling practice, as a metap...
by Sheldon
15 Aug 2013, 11:29
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Topic: Sheldon is here
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Sheldon is here

Since it looks like I’ll remain in the church due to family and cultural reasons, I thought maybe I’d join this group. I’ve been on lots of Mormon internet groups, starting with the first one in the early 1990’s called Mormon-L. I currently participate on NOM with a different user name. Background: ...