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by Origami
06 Nov 2013, 06:37
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Topic: Craft Beer Church
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Re: Craft Beer Church

I would love this, A couple of good Craft Beers would make sitting in church a lot more fun for me. Then I thought about what would happen if the Pharisees in my ward were drunk at church. They are A-holes when they are sober. They would be extraordinarily psycho with a few less inhibitions, I can j...
by Origami
28 Oct 2013, 22:38
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Topic: How the h@ll do I respond to this?
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Re: How the h@ll do I respond to this?

Mom3 your response was very touching and insightful. God is Love is a remarkable woman. Thanks to all for the support you have been for my wife. She and I have both benefited from this board. My first response when these things happen is generally much harsher and probably wrong and would be conside...
by Origami
18 Sep 2013, 18:13
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Topic: Your current state of belief?
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Your current state of belief?

cwald wrote:6.5

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by Origami
15 Sep 2013, 13:49
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Topic: Sacarament Meeting to remember
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Sacarament Meeting to remember

So today in SM we got to hear some real gems. The theme of the meeting was missionary work. (same theme for the past 3 or 4 weeks, the rescue has been overdone here, people are burning out from it) I feel for the handful of poor non-members in my ward boundaries. 1st the joke: Why do missionaries ne...
by Origami
13 Sep 2013, 12:05
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Topic: With great claims comes great responsibility
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With great claims comes great responsibility

14 Fundamentals at work here maybe? The more I think about these the more it bugs me. These really illustrate for me what was being discussed about the D&C being ignored in this thread. Here are the most egregious and related alleged fundamentals. 2. The living prophet is more vital to us than the s...
by Origami
09 Sep 2013, 22:52
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Topic: Discussions with TBM spouse
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Discussions with TBM spouse

I made a mistake by not sharing my feelings with my wife sooner. She knew something was bothering me long before I dared confide my unbelief in her. I am lucky to have a spouse that is so supportive of me and tolerant of my heretic views. She is a free thinker and quite unorthodox in her views, alth...
by Origami
31 Aug 2013, 09:35
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Topic: What is the church?
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What is the church?

This is a fantastic read. I wish this could become a general conference talk. ... he-church/
by Origami
31 Aug 2013, 09:02
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Topic: How would I accept a calling?
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How would I accept a calling?

I was a GD teacher for 4 years then a YMP for 2 years. I was a year into my YM calling when my eyes were opened. I struggled through Ward Council and PEC for another year while I was personally in a dark and very angry place inside. I am still hyper-sensitive and easily provoked on some things, 1-1/...
by Origami
27 Aug 2013, 20:57
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Topic: Time Away This Week: My Dad Is Dying
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Time Away This Week: My Dad Is Dying

Sincere condolences. Loosing loved ones is always hard, no matter what the circumstance.
by Origami
22 Aug 2013, 18:38
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Topic: Real reason for new temple film
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Real reason for new temple film

This is a very satanic photo
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