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by On Own Now
16 Sep 2020, 17:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 9/13 Rasband face to face - the restoration proclamation
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Re: 9/13 Rasband face to face - the restoration proclamation

Hi everyone. Thanks, nibbler, for the link(s). Some comments: On the discussion, in general . I think it's useful to remember that it is THEIR forum. So, yeah, they are going to say things the way they see them. That won't mesh well with our view. In exactly the same way, if RAR/SisRAR came here to ...
by On Own Now
07 Sep 2020, 12:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Do you ever feel forgiven?
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Re: Do you ever feel forgiven?

SD, it's a great question. How does it work for you? I'll toss out my view, but I recognize that this is different from others, so I caveat this all with: whatever works for you is fine with me. I don't think of the Atonement has having anything at all to do with forgiveness. I don't think of receiv...
by On Own Now
06 Sep 2020, 14:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Wouldn't it be easier just to tell us?
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Re: Wouldn't it be easier just to tell us?

if there's so much good in the world, why does the news tend to be more bad then good? This is one of the most important questions we can ask in our current seemingly crazy world. IMO, it is this way because "the news" is big business... and 'good' doesn't sell the way 'bad' does. Once we accept th...
by On Own Now
25 Aug 2020, 07:52
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Topic: Regarding Tests of Loyalty
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Re: Regarding Tests of Loyalty

It has been helpful to me to give myself the freedom to reframe and reinterpret those things I disagree with. This allows me to create a version of Mormonism in my mind which I can support. This is a perfect example. I do not believe that God would ask his servant to murder his son. Period. End of ...
by On Own Now
24 Aug 2020, 14:38
Forum: Support
Topic: Online Seminary
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Re: Online Seminary

Seminary credit is not a specific requirement for BYU admittance, but it is one of many factors under consideration for acceptance. From the BYU Universe, 2016: Seminary graduation could improve a student’s chances of being accepted, but it is not necessary. In 2015, 96.2 percent of students who wer...
by On Own Now
24 Aug 2020, 13:59
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: The Quest for Perfection
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Re: The Quest for Perfection

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to weigh in on this one. <long explanation, entirely my own view> It's a great question. One major problem is that within Mormonism, we tend to think of perfection as the absence of sin. If you sin, you need to repent and not do it any more. It is as if the way to God is ...
by On Own Now
22 Jul 2020, 16:00
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Topic: More temple ordinance changes
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Re: More temple ordinance changes

My guess is that the Church has taken to heart some of the suggested changes that have been made over the years here at StayLDS. Personally, I'm betting on this one: I do not believe the story of Adam and Eve, and by extension, the Temple, can ever be truly equalized if taken as a story that represe...
by On Own Now
14 Jul 2020, 10:22
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Topic: Missionary Work in light of the Pandemic
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Re: Missionary Work in light of the Pandemic

It is tough, and I agree with Nibbler that it is sad. I do have a family member who, this month, was sent from Virtual MTC to the mission field. I haven't heard anything about it yet, but I'm sure it's a stay-in-the-apartment-close-to-the-web-cam situation. One thing to keep in mind is that this is ...
by On Own Now
11 Jul 2020, 09:39
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Topic: Utah Area Presidency asks members to wear masks
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Re: Utah Area Presidency asks members to wear masks

This is great, thanks for posting, DJ. I really like its call to "all Latter-day Saints in the Utah Area to be good citizens by wearing face coverings when in public." I also appreciate the reference to "medical authorities". I actually think that is a very significant term to use, because it doesn'...
by On Own Now
21 Jun 2020, 08:48
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Topic: NAACP, the Church, and modern race relations
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Re: NAACP, the Church, and modern race relations

nibbler, that's great! Is there any way to access the SM after the live stream? the reason this can be so powerful is that it's harder to ignore what someone says if they are closer to your own group. Sort of like how LDS people tend to be unsympathetic toward of LGBTQ+ unless they have a family mem...