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by Gerald
16 Dec 2018, 10:25
Forum: Book & Media Reviews
Topic: An Introduction to Zen Buddhism
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Re: An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

I can recommend Stephen Batchelor's Buddhism without Belief. He discusses many of the ideas and practices of Buddhism while rejecting the "reincarnation" aspects of it. I found it easier to integrate some of the Buddhist ideas into my own Mormon theology via his secular perspective on Buddhism. It's...
by Gerald
25 Nov 2018, 07:55
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Service vs. free labor
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Re: Service vs. free labor

Where I draw the line is usually based on a few factors: -My own physical/emotional state -How much I like you -How much I like the other people willing to help you - How capable I am of performing the work -How much support you or the group have shown me -How nicely I am asked I don't mind providi...
by Gerald
25 Nov 2018, 07:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ever get bored?
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Re: Ever get bored?

I am "halfway there" myself with three of my five children out of the house (but two remaining). I am pretty busy with my job and my adult children require more of my energy (not necessarily my time) than I anticipated. However, I still find myself with time on my hands and can be bored at times. I ...
by Gerald
18 Nov 2018, 07:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: End of World War I
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Re: End of World War I

The anniversary was mentioned briefly in Sunday School last week. That's about as far as it went in our ward.
by Gerald
18 Nov 2018, 07:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Tithing Settlement
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Re: Tithing Settlement

I have never felt that tithing settlement was all that necessary. I can see that it's a time for the bishop to touch base with each family but he generally sees the families that go to tithing settlement anyway. I can't imagine some of the inactive families in our ward bothering. (The less active we...
by Gerald
28 Oct 2018, 10:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The ministering interview numbers are in
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Re: The ministering interview numbers are in

! won't go into details, but it's pretty clear to me what happened in that ward and bottom line is that the presidency just needs to go do them. It's what happens when you call people that don't particularly want to do the calling but they're called anyway because it will be a "growth opportunity" ...
by Gerald
28 Oct 2018, 10:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ending Pageants
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Re: Ending Pageants

My reaction? Meh. I don't have much interest in pageants and of those the Church sponsors, the only one I've seen (a couple of times) is the Martin Harris pageant in Clarkston, Utah. It's performed near Martin Harris' grave (just outside the town). The Martin Harris pageant is interesting (really it...
by Gerald
06 Oct 2018, 13:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Two Hour Church
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Re: Two Hour Church

I am probably in the minority but I actually felt a little sad about the change. However upon reflection I realized that what I would miss was Sunday School each Sunday. If they had eliminated the priesthood meeting, I wouldn’t have minded. I have never felt that meeting to be as enjoyable. But I ki...
by Gerald
30 Sep 2018, 08:50
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: Judah = Utah?
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Re: Judah = Utah?

Leo is the lion. The lion symbolizes Judah. Judah is actually pronounced Yudah. Yudah is phonetically equivalent to Utah. This involvement of this constellation may be dualism for the Jews but also for the Utahans. (sic)
Seems a bit of stretch for me. Though I can see why the connection was made.
by Gerald
30 Sep 2018, 08:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Do you believe in the second coming?
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Re: Do you believe in the second coming?

When I was a teenager (back in '80s), it seemed to be mentioned more frequently than it is now. Of course, that was during the Cold War where it seemed the former U.S.S.R. had missiles pointed at U.S.A. (and vice versa). I can vividly remember a lesson in Seminary that laid out all the events of the...