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by nightwalden
05 Oct 2009, 12:37
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Topic: Trying to narrow down my problems/issues
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Re: Trying to narrow down my problems/issues

I have wondered if there is a god, of course, but I don't think I have ever been to the point you are with that question. This is the way I think about it. If there is no God, then how was the earth created and life formed? The big bang theory is probably the best scientific explanation for the crea...
by nightwalden
30 Sep 2009, 09:51
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Topic: Am I Dangerous?
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Re: Am I Dangerous?

It cracks me up that the speaker thinks that people should be friendly to less actives but to be careful about being friends with certain active members. If only you'd stop going to church then you'd qualify again for friendly church relations. Such stupidity, completely contrary to the spirit.
by nightwalden
05 Sep 2009, 21:12
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Topic: Finally learning how to exercise faith
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Finally learning how to exercise faith

My story. I was born and raised in the Church. My parents were converted while they were younger and married in the temple. I have been active all my life. I didn't have a "testimony" until I was 15 and started studying the BoM for myself. I was an intellectual kid and always thought that the Joseph...