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by PazamaManX
15 Jun 2020, 15:17
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Topic: What happens when you are judged
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Re: What happens when you are judged

I remember hearing a talk given by a seventy once where he stated that we would get to choose where we would spend eternity. Rather than it being a judgement passed sentencing you to a particular place, our judgement would probably look more like a conversation (I guess maybe similar to one you migh...
by PazamaManX
21 Oct 2019, 13:17
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Topic: Area devotional?
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Re: Area devotional?

Elder Uchtdorf did one for Southern California around 10 years ago or so. The only thing I remember from it is the joke he made, saying that his wife told him that Californians should have no problem understanding his accent because we're used to our governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger at the time). :lol:
by PazamaManX
07 Oct 2019, 20:10
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Topic: President Nelson's Sunday Morning Talk
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Re: President Nelson's Sunday Morning Talk

This was easily my favorite talk. I wish this was focused on more.
by PazamaManX
26 Sep 2019, 19:28
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Topic: Feeling left out
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Re: Feeling left out

It definitely is a ward to ward thing. Some wards have welcomed me and even somehow knew my name without me having been there before. However, in my current ward, we've been there for 3 and a half years and we still get,"Oh hi! How long have you been in the ward?" It's always uncomfortable to answer...
by PazamaManX
12 Sep 2019, 20:34
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Topic: You Can't Handle the Truth!
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Re: You Can't Handle the Truth!

My great great aunt (someone from around the WW2 era) had a son who did something horrific and then committed suicide. From the day that happened she immediately went into denial that she had even had a son. If someone brought him up to her she would immediately deny that she had a son by his name a...
by PazamaManX
05 Sep 2019, 17:47
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Topic: The Church's Obsession with "Worthiness Interviews"
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Re: The Church's Obsession with "Worthiness Interviews"

... but I believe they have become something different entirely, morphing and growing like the Blob into something that is taking over the Church, the requirement of the Church itself being the gateway to our salvation rather than the Savior. It feels like everywhere I turn, the Church is the focus...
by PazamaManX
28 Aug 2019, 17:51
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Topic: Education is a Comandment...
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Re: Education is a Comandment...

I have no issue with that but more and more I am hearing how we should educate ourselves continually but what if the church places you in a calling that you're not ready for and takes 5 years out of your life while in the middle of an education. All this after being newly re-activated and compelled...
by PazamaManX
28 Aug 2019, 17:31
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Topic: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting
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Re: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

I leaned forward, closed my eyes, forced a neutral expression, practiced dep breathing I may have to do some of this myself. Whenever I get up to give myself some mental relief by walking the halls, there always seem to be the same brother in our ward (who I actively try to avoid) out in the halls/...
by PazamaManX
22 Aug 2019, 01:49
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Topic: This is a dumb question. I'm going to ask it anyway.
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Re: This is a dumb question. I'm going to ask it anyway.

If I'm not mistaken, when my mom passed away I believe that funeral home took care of dressing her in her temple clothes. I remember hearing during the meeting with them that they said they were familiar enough with LDS beliefs that they could do it if no one from our family or the ward was able to ...
by PazamaManX
22 Aug 2019, 01:39
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Topic: Porn Addiction?
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Re: Porn Addiction?

My major concern is for my children. The bishop's counselor that I spoke to said in the SS meeting and to me later that he doesn't ask the boys if they have seen pornography because everyone has at one time or another - He instead asks them when was the last time that they saw pornography. :shock: ...