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by LookingHard
04 Dec 2018, 17:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories
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Re: David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

I listened to it when it came out. I enjoyed it. I agree that I could go an listen to him as a SS teacher.
by LookingHard
30 Nov 2018, 07:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Bill Reel about to get excommunicated? >:-(
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Re: Bill Reel about to get excommunicated? >:-(

It does seem that that criticizing church leaders in public is a line that the top leaders will not tolerate.

But that does remind me of a quote that was attributed to Voltaire (but might not be from him)
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize
by LookingHard
01 Nov 2018, 02:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Prophets rule the roost
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Re: Prophets rule the roost

The corporate manager in me looks a bit at Nelson and he is doing just what a corporation head should do. Shaking up a few things can get people excited. I do think he has done that with a few of the changes. People like ministering as they don't feel guilty every month. Two hour church - anybody wi...
by LookingHard
30 Oct 2018, 18:20
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Topic: I'm going to jail!
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Re: I'm going to jail!

Glad for you and I hope it turns out good for you and your husband and also that you can help those in need. I hope your heart comes out of the calling bigger and stronger.
by LookingHard
17 Oct 2018, 08:19
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Topic: Help (In a Good Way)
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Re: Help (In a Good Way)

I think a good one to talk about would be You Belong It is a talk a high counselor gave. It tells in a loving way not to react to someone not believing something by telling/signalling "You MUST BELIEVE!!!" Also reiterate Uchtdorf's talk on Come Join with us mentioning that we shouldn't assume that j...
by LookingHard
09 Oct 2018, 04:35
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Topic: Those that leave the church.
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Re: Those that leave the church.

SamBee wrote:
09 Oct 2018, 03:28
You forgot the sex stuff. There's always some sex stuff going on in these cases. :shh:
Where ever there are kids being born, you have to assume there is sex going on. :-)
by LookingHard
08 Oct 2018, 04:17
Forum: Book & Media Reviews
Topic: Where There’s Hope - by Elizabeth Smart
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Re: Where There’s Hope - by Elizabeth Smart

I just read it a few weeks ago and I would agree. I am glad that she keeps poking at a few things within the church that need to change. Church members really feel sympathy for her, so she has their ear. Plus she speaks/writes very well. I am glad she didn't leave the church as this would discount h...
by LookingHard
06 Oct 2018, 18:48
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Topic: Two Hour Church
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Re: Two Hour Church

I don't get why Elder Holland was going around saying, "You had better have your testimonies strong before conference as it will be test your faith". What? There is NOBODY that is upset with this. Maybe Elder Holland thought people loved every minute of the 3 hour block. I have seen nothing but smil...
by LookingHard
04 Oct 2018, 17:46
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Topic: Tonight Is The Last Night My Wife Will Come To The Temple With Me.
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Re: Tonight Is The Last Night My Wife Will Come To The Temple With Me.

I am usually sharing this quote with ex/post-Mormons so they can present it to their believing spouses/family members. But it applies here. A prophet of God once offered me counsel that gives me peace. I was worried that the choices of others might make it impossible for our family to be together fo...